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Staffing Announcement – Pathways Program Director

The Community Education Development Association is excited to announce that Elaine Dukuly has been appointed to the role of Program Director of our Pathways to Education Program.

For over a decade, Elaine has brought determination, love, and her steadfast belief that youth can succeed in their education to her role as Student Parent Support Worker at Pathways to Education. Elaine has supported hundreds of students and families in immeasurable ways on their education journeys since the Pathways to Education program opened its doors in 2010. Elaine goes above and beyond the call of duty and lives and breathes community development, supporting countless initiatives empowering women and families, particularly Newcomers to Canada. She speaks truth to power, while consistently working towards reconciliation through strong relationship building, partnerships and collaboration.

Upon former Program Director Darlene Klyne’s retirement, it was clear that one of the most vital qualities for a new Director was an ability to carry forward the spirit instilled at the heart of CEDA Pathways. This spirit of warmth, belonging, encouragement, and passionate advocacy will be carried forward thru Elaine’s leadership and selfless approach to service.

On behalf of CEDA staff, students, community, and Board of Directors, we congratulate Elaine on her new role!