About CEDA

The Community Education Development Association (CEDA) is a community-based organization serving students and families, teachers and school administration in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Our mission is to act together as an association of passionate, active community members who believe in building an inclusive society. To achieve our mission, we:

  • develop a welcoming culture and environment that reflects the community we serve
  • explore individual histories to foster self identity, pride and self-empowerment
  • employ staff that reflect the cultural diversity of the community we serve
  • explore and respond to systems of oppression
  • develop mutually beneficial partnerships with community members, organizations and government
  • foster multi-generational learning that includes grandparents, caregivers and extended families

In addition, we follow a code of honour based on our shared belief that we all learn from each other. CEDA is committed to working with our students, families, communities and colleagues to:

  • promote education to create opportunities for growth, knowledge and freedom
  • build meaningful relationships that nurture belonging, kinship and mentorship
  • serve responsibly by developing and maintaining an inclusive, respectful and safe environment
  • encourage voice by supporting positive cultural identities and the ability to influence change