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Merchants Corner Potluck

Nothing brings neighbours closer than sharing a meal together!

On December 18, the community tenants and members of the Merchants Corner Inc. Board of Directors got together for a potluck in the common area of our building to get to know one another better.

Since March 2018, Urban and Inner City Studies students and staff, CEDA students and staff, Aboriginal Youth Opportunities, Merchants Corner employees and board members, and Winnipeg Housing Rehabilitation Corporation staff have been slowly getting to know one another but we have not yet all sat in circle and shared a meal together.  By sitting down together, we got to know about the work we are doing in the community and how to support one another better. It was a perfect event to kick off the holiday season!

Miigwetch and Thank You to:

  • Elder Calvin Pomana for your opening prayer and words of wisdom about our responsibilities in taking care of the planet and our community;
  • Kathy Mallett for sharing your history of community development and activism in Winnipeg and for your continuous work with the community and Merchants Corner;
  • All those who helped to organize the event, particularly Shawna from UIC and AYO, who did an amazing job organizing the event and prizes, bringing everyone together, and MCing.

We are all looking forward to partnering more and, of course, sharing more meals in 2019!


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