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Parents on Board of Directors Help Guide CEDA Forward

Two years ago, Claudette, a Student Parent Support Worker in our Pathways to Education program, put forward Angel Raven’s name for a position on our Board of Directors. Claudette saw how involved Angel, a parent of two students in Pathways, was in her daughters’ education and thought she would be a great addition to the board. Claudette appreciates Angel for always making time for phone calls, home visits, meetings at the CEDA building to discuss supporting her daughters’ education, and for always being so welcoming. Claudette knew that Angel could help guide the direction of the organization by being a strong voice for parents. Shortly after, Angel was nominated and has been a board member ever since as a┬áCEDA Pathways Parent Representative.

A Family of Educators

Educators run in the Raven family. Angel is currently finishing her Early Childhood Educator practicum with Ka Ni Kanichihk. Her eldest daughter is also in school to become an Early Childhood Educator II and her youngest is in the Winnipeg School Division’s Ozhitoo Onji Peenjiiee – Build From Within program where she will earn her Education Assistant Diploma Program while finishing high school, and then move on to earning a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. So, while Angel supports her own children and grandchildren in their virtual schooling, she herself is navigating the world of remote learning.

“It’s hard. Remote learning is harder than face-to-face because you’re more interested when it’s face-to-face and your brain is more there. Even if a student likes school, they reason that they don’t have to get up and go to school, and if parents are at work and not able to help kids get up that leads to more missed school.” Angel understands why students experience more procrastination and less motivation to get going online–she has experienced it with her own online classes.

Angel’s advice to other parents during this time: “Take care of yourself so you can take care of others. It’s exhausting but you have to do that first. And you want to support where your family is at.”

Moving Forward with CEDA

“It’s an amazing opportunity to be on the board and I’ve learned a lot about resources. It’s a lot of knowledge. It’s amazing knowledge and you get an understanding of the organization.”

Angel says that being involved means she can help guide where the organization goes to support kids, parents, and families to be more successful in school. She gets to share her own knowledge and experience to help CEDA staff who are carrying out programming and the organization strategic plan. But she also trusts staff are guiding themselves with their knowledge. Angel praised two staff with whom she has worked over the years: “Claudette and Geraden were very open on situations that arose within the community and they ensure parents that [their children] are safe when they are with them and that they are taken care of. It’s a piece of relief for the students and as a parent.”

Claudette (left) and Geraden (right) are Student Parent Support Workers in the Pathways to Education program.

After joining the board only two years ago, Angel is already taking on new roles and responsibilities; She is now on the Executive Committee and is very excited about CEDA’s upcoming projects in 2021. The project that excites her the most is the partnership with Ndinawemaaganag Endaawaad Inc. and Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre Inc. to create two new off-campus programs in the North End. Echoing the goal of the off-campus partnership, Angel believes that smaller class sizes and the increased supports that are offered in off-campus programs will help greatly with student success in the North End: “I can’t wait to see it in the long run!”

For Parents & Family Members Who Want to Get Involved at CEDA:

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